Social Video Optimization, Defined

May 19th, 2011

Lately, I’ve been doing a series here on social video marketing, which has helped explain what exactly a “social video” in eCommerce is.  For business in general, “Optimization” typically refers to getting the maximum performance out of anything, such as a business activity including a marketing campaign. I also like to say that “optimization” is based on “improvement through regular adjustment,” since many things about doing business in the Internet can be in a constant state of flux, and require the ability to quickly adjust to things both in and our of our control.

When people in Internet marketing hear the word “optimization,” they tend to immediately think about search engine optimization (SEO); or if they’re in the video space, they think in terms of Video SEO. However, I wrote in my article “Social Video Optimization Vs. Video Search Optimization: Which is Better?” that Social Video Optimization (SVO) has actually become more important than and Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). The main reason comes down to the fact that Google and other search engines are becoming more dependent on social media for the results they service to their audience than the other way around.

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