Twitter: Reaching 200 Million Users

July 21st, 2011

Since its 5 years of existence, Twitter has gone from 0 to 200 million Twitter Accounts. This is a huge number! At first Twitter existed as a 140 character micro blogging. Its main purpose was to be a product based on status updated. From January 2006 when Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone of San Francisco had the idea for Twitter, no one would have realized that this would grow to be such a huge social network.

At first many people were reluctant to twitter, as they felt that it was another product trying to mimic Facebook. But after a while they realized that Twitter is a totally different concept than Facebook. It was based on these “Tweets” where people could say how they felt and what they were doing.

Today Twitter is a very powerful social media network, together with Facebook. Try going out and seeing the different billboards in the road, you will realize that every brand have their Twitter and Facebook accounts so people can follow them. I myself use Twitter and it is amazing the number of contacts and influences you can get from there. You just need to know how to use it correctly.


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