iPhone 4S flounders

October 21st, 2011

Regardless of its sleek presentation, cutting edge technology, and most importantly sales numbers, the iPhone 4S is not without flaw. According to cnn.com, as users begin to experiment with the new gadget, complaints have started surfacing throughout online message boards. Although unconfirmed by apple, it has been somewhat evident that several users are experiencing similar, if not the same problems.

It would be premature to catalogue these problems as permanently catastrophic, therefore it may be safe to say that they could be simply early ¨run blips¨ associated to users massively activating their phones at the same time.

US users are complaining about a very slow service on sprint. Also, outside of the states, iPhone 4S users have been somewhat short-changed with Siri, it seems that apple’s cutting edge voice assistant is not fully operational outside the US. Other complaints that have come up included a very weak battery life, camera, and screen resolution issues.

Negative feedback not withstanding, its safe to say that this won’t deter shoppers from taking the iPhone 4S off the racks as fast as apple can get them back on.

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