October Review: iPhone vs Android

October 31st, 2011

The social media research company, Onavo, has revealed  a new analysis from mobile data management. Onavo analyzed data from a sample of more than 100,000 mobile users, during 30 days, finding some light differences between iPhone and Android owners when it comes to their mobile social networking behaviors.

The results shows that the typical iPhone owner can’t get enough of Facebook, 90% of iPhone-toting folks use the social app over mobile networks, and Facebook usage happens to account for 10% of all the mobile data iPhone users consume on their pocket-friendly Apple devices. The Android user is a bit less enamored with Facebook, 63% of Android owners use Facebook and still accounts for 5% of all mobile data on Android.

Enjoy this infographic and discover yourself wich are the most popular apps for iPhone and Android users!

Photos www.mashable.com

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