Using The New iPhone For BYOD: Advantages And Benefits

November 5th, 2014

There’s always plenty of excitement and buzz around any new mobile device, but particularly releases from Apple. So of course it is hardly a surprise that the hottest topic in the general tech sector is the new iPhone.

How Using The New iPhone 6/6 Plus Benefits Your BYOD Business

“Bring your own device” can be an excellent cost effective – not only does it save money by utilizing technology that employees likely already own, it saves by time letting them use the platforms they are most comfortable with, cutting time required to get new hires up to speed on the company tech. And solves the ongoing iPhone versus Android debate handily.

Most Valuable Features of the iPhone 6 For BYOD Users

The ability to use built-in versus third party apps that offer plenty of excellent features for work-related software (including various document, video, and image editing options, much more robust calendars and mail, and more). Being capable of taking advantage of internal apps instead of doing the research to discover and select a third party option that may be constantly updated (or outdated quickly) can result in a significant growth in overall productivity.

That said, there are also over four thousand new APIs available for third party developers – and BYOD businesses with unique needs and requirements.

Improved And Precision Level Security 

Beyond the standard time management and tracking software, there are significant security measures on the iPhone 6 that allow BYOD companies to carefully control who has access to their data, via content filtering options for mail, calendar, and more.

Apps can also be filtered, so the IT department can decide which apps can interact with their information no matter which apps and activities the user performs on their personal time. What’s more, even individual emails can be readily, encrypted – a definite bonus for those whose business involves highly sensitive data. And besides, the overall security updates on these devices mean that employees are less likely to deal with malware and such in general – another boost for productivity!

Unique Advantages Of The iPhone 6 Plus

Two other benefits that are perhaps unique to the iPhone 6 Plus is the larger screen, allowing users more room to edit documents on the fly. Plus the larger size of the phone means a bigger battery – and the improved battery life is convenient in general, especially for team members who travel frequently.

Avoiding Future Issues

This is common sense for any operating system or hardware upgrade, but it is particularly important to check with your IT department and get their approval before making the switch to the iPhone 6, 6 plus, or iOS8.

Overall, keep in mind that with the sheer amount of affordable smart phone options on the market around the world that have a wide range of useful business-related features, BYOD employees will likely want to be able to customize their work phones and tablets.

After all, consumers are used to having a variety of choices when it comes to technology, and that is beginning to extend to the working environment as well; that said, the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus have some strong advantages in the BYOD department.


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