Ecommerce for B2B – Integrating Your Brand Into The Buyer’s Journey

December 10th, 2014

Online shopping is undeniably commonplace in the B2C realm, so it is hardly surprising that the ease and convenience of buying online has begun to grow in popularity in the B2B sphere as well. On the one hand, selling online allows for much broader opportunities, including an increased likelihood that prospective customers will discover them via search or digital advertising. However, eCommerce is a double-edged sword for businesses who market directly to other businesses. So on the other hand, it also results in unique challenges for sales reps and marketers, since they have to compete with each on a variety of new channels.

It’s All About The Research

The ability to research products and services, read reviews, and hear about other people’s experiences with a given brand is one of the main reasons that online shopping has become popular in general. And thorough research is particularly valuable for anyone responsible for making B2B buying decisions, since their work performance assessments and perhaps even their overall career is tied to the success or failure of their buying decisions.

This means that quality content is more important than ever. Users are reading, searching for, and listening to what you have to say before they make that final click to purchase – so give them what they are looking for. Expand your product or service descriptions and avoid marketing fluff – after all, B2B buyers tend to be a savvy group and they’ll see right through it. Besides, rich content gives your company an advantage in the eyes of users and the search engines.


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